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Tar and Chip Contractors

Grab yourself a great bargain today by getting Curragh Stone to lay down a tar and chip driveway in Kildare, Dublin, Offaly or Meath. Without a doubt, tar and chip driveways provide the best value for customers looking to save money when resurfacing an older driveway on a budget.

With a range of colour choices available for the hot tar and chip finish including gold, silver, granite and flint chippings. Tar and chip can be used on any type of driveway including larger driveway areas, car parks and private roads.

Tar Chip Driveway Kildare, Meath, Dublin and Offaly

We firstly on base foundation installations will always grade off the driveway using our digger, this ensures a solid and level finish for the new application. We also ensure there are no weak spots or potholes.

If its on top of an existing surface, we will always clean that surface off ensuring no debris or weeds are left on on it. This ensures a good bonding between the old and the new.

We will then apply a hot bitumen to the surface. Sometimes depending on the area, we might apply two coats or even three coats. This will depend on the type of surface and what we feel will give the best performance. This is done in consultation with our engineers.

A chip of your choosing will then be applied over the hot tar. This needs to be done whilst the bitumen is still piping hot to ensure it bonds in with the chip.

Once we have applied a couple of layers of chip which again depends on how much tar was applied, we will machine power roll the chip into the driveway.

At this stage, the new driveway is good to be used, however, you might still have some loose chips which will fade off over time leaving you with a nice solid new tar and chip driveway in Kildare, Dublin, Meath or Offaly.

Not sure about tar and chip surfacing? How about viewing our driveway paving or our tarmacadam services to see other choices for a new driveway.

Why not give our team a call today to schedule a free quote for tar and chip driveways in Kildare, Dublin, Meath or Offaly. We can discuss your requirements and provide you with an unbeatable quote! Call our specialists today on 045 – 844235 / 01 – 6856991.


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During our free consultation, we can go through the various design and layout options to help you create a bespoke driveway or patio.



On the build stage of your driveway, patio or garden, we will stick to the original design choices and any changes are agreed with you.



Our aim is to provide you with a driveway, patio or garden that can be easily maintened. We also provide an extra maintenance service.